Our Picks For The Top 10 Most Popular Plush Toys Of All Time

Are you wondering what some of the most popular plush toys of all time are because if so, then you've come to the right place. With so many plush toys for sale that that have hit the market, putting together a list of the top ones wasn't easy. However, we have done it and below are our pick of the top 10 most popular plush toys ever made.

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1. Tickle Me Elmo

This popular plush toy laughs when you press on its stomach or feet. When kids hear Elmo giggle, they can't help but giggle themselves. Not only that, but this plush toy says a number of funny things. It's no secret why this is one of the most popular plush toys of all time.

2. Furby

Furby toys first came to the market in 1998 and since then they have gone on to become extremely popular. The toys resemble an owl or a hamster and over a period of three years, over 30 million of them were sold. To this day, many Furby toys are still flying off the shelves of stores around the world.

3. Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin was arguably the most expensive plush animal when it came to the market in the 80s, but this wasn't your average toy. In fact, Teddy read kids stories and would tell them what kind of adventures he had. While the original Teddy is expensive and might be difficult to find, there are newer versions of it out.

4. Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu Pets are robotic plush toys that resemble a hamster. They were extremely popular in 2009, and they were originally being sold for $9 each. At one point in time, Zhu Zhu Pets were being sold for over $50, due to being a shortage of the toys. The toys come in various colors and each one has their own unique look to them.

5. Secret Keepins

These toys were a series of plush animals. One of their key features was a plastic jeweled box, which was located right in their stomachs and you could open the box with a key. Kids loved Secret Keepins animals because they were able to place their toy jewelry inside the tummies of them.

6. Kitty Kitty Kittens

As the name implies, these were a series of plush toys that depicted kittens. There were a number of plush kittens to choose from, which is why they were popular and today people still go online to find them. When they first came out, people were rushing around to collect them all, and today they are a vintage item to have.

7. Cabbage Patch Kids

These dolls have been around for over 15 years, and the original dolls are considered vintage. There are modern Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and they are also extremely popular. If you want to give your child a toy they will love, then get them a Cabbage Patch Kids doll or try to collect as many vintage dolls as possible to give to them.

8. Alf

Alf was a popular show in the 80s and so was the doll, which depicted the popular television show alien. Alf was one of those shows that the entire family could watch together and when the dolls first came out, they were a huge hit. Today, Alf dolls can be purchased online, but they can be expensive because they are considered vintage. However, if you have the chance to get your hands on one, then definitely do it. 


9. Care Bears

Care Bears were initially targeted at girls, but as Care Bears the show became more popular, more and more boys ended up wanting Care Bear stuffed animals. Ever since coming to the market many years ago, Care Bears are still a hot seller. This is mainly because of how colorful the bears are. They come in a range of colors, just like the bears on the show. 

10. FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends is a line of dolls that resemble various animals, both fictional and real, such as Monkeys, Dogs, Bears and Unicorns to name a few. FurFreal Friends actually range from guinea pigs to dragons to dinosaurs and so much more, and they are available in various sizes. Some of the toys are small enough for a child to hold and others are a bit too large to hold, while some can even be ridden by your kids. The toys also range in price from as little as a few dollars, all the way to hundreds of dollars. 

Also, the toys move. In fact, all of the FurReal Friends toys move in some way, shape or form. If you're looking for a great plush toy for your child, then look no further than FurReal Friends.

Sure, there are many other plush toys that were popular and still are popular. However, the 10 mentioned above are the most popular. If you are interested in any of them, then go ahead and shop around for them online.


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