Plants Vs Zombies - What Are The Most Popular Plush Characters

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular computer game ever. Millions of children and adults alike have tried their hand at killing those zombies and keeping them away from the flower garden. Toy makers have spotted an opportunity to boost their revenues by creating a series of Plants vs. Zombies plush toys. These soft and cute collectables have quickly won the heart of many gamers. Here are the top five most popular of them, ranked by the number of reviews on Amazon and the number of items sold on eBay. This ranking isn't the most accurate ever, but it should provide you a good overview of this collection, so that you can decide upon the best gifts for your little warrior.


The Sunflower Plush Toy

This is by far the most popular plush in this series. The sunflower has a very plants vs zombies sunflower plush toycute face and a beautiful smile. It is also one of the major defense pillars in the game, so there's no wonder it has quickly become the favorite of so many collectors. Although some people say the sunflower is too small by comparison with the Zombie plush, it still remains the most sought after, perhaps because of its cuteness.


The Zombie Plush Toy

The 7" Zombie plush is the main negative character in the game, and one of the most popular toys in this collection. This supposedly scary character makes funny groaning noises, to the amusement of children of all ages. It is also one of the tallest plush toys, so it can look quite aggressive when compared to many of the plants, which are a bit smaller. However, what would be the game without a serious menace to fight against? The scariest the zombies, the sweeter the victory of the plants.


The Cactus Plush Toy

Although smaller than other Plants vs. Zombies toys, this plush is very well made, with funny details that make it hilarious. It is also very durable, so kids can use it over and over again in their rough battles against those nasty zombies. The toy doesn't have spikes like the real plant, but kids can imagine just about anything they want, so this isn't a problem at all.


The Chomper Plush Toy

The Chomper's head can pivot on an adjustable wire that connects to the leaf feet. This plants vs zombies plush toys chomperenables the user to adjust the posture of the toy as desired, for lots of fun and excitement and for various battle scenes. The Chomper is one of the most important plants in the game, essential for defeating some of those mean monsters attacking the peaceful plants.


The Disco Zombie Plush Toy

The Disco Zombie has a face that would make everyone smile. The attention to detail and the size of this plush make it one of the big favorites of many collectors. It is one of the meanest yet cutest zombies in this game. The crazy look on its face sparks the creativity of children of various ages, helping them come up with original battle scenarios.

These plush toys are only five in a series of dozens. Although sold separately, you may be able to order them in special packages of three, in order to save some money on the shipping. Choosing only five of them to feature in this article has been a real challenge. There are at least five others that look great and sell pretty well. Anyway, once you get your kids these five ones, they will be able to have fun by imagining fierce battles between the apparently fragile plants and the merciless zombies.

Nonetheless, you should prepare for requests to add more characters to this collection such as The Bonk Choy, The GW2, The Snap Dragon, The Cattail Cat, The Ice Pea Shooter and The Hypnotic Mushroom. In fact, there are at least 20 pieces in this cute collection. You can use this to your advantage, and teach your kids how to save money for buying the things they love. They will need to save consistently for many weeks or even months before being able to have their perfect armies of plants and zombies. Who said collecting plush toys wasn't an educational activity?

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